French Perfume

Oil on Panel, 18" x 24"

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Oil on Canvas, 44" x 30"

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I Hear You

Oil on Canvas, 40" x 24"

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Oil on Canvas, 34" x 30"

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End of the Day

Oil on Canvas, 30" x 48"

A sketch from my journal, and a small oil painting, gave me enough material to create this large studio piece. The influence of Turner is felt as well, but the color is the feeling of the memory of the actual day.

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Edge of the Garden

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

As this painting evolved I painted out areas of background and foreground accentuating the figure. I wouldn't usually eliminate distance in a painting, but in this case I used the dark area as a sharp contrast against the sunlit flowers.

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The Brave Little Boxer

Oil on Panel, 18" x 24"

Had great fun painting this dog - especially his face. I handled the painting of the face with short squishy strokes - rather like the shape and feel of the face itself. The water was painted surprisingly fast using thin paint. I used a palette of 6 colors.


Journal Pages of New York-2

Another illustration in the hand made journal I took with me to New York in May. On my way to the Museum of Modern Art, I passed this hot dog stand, and was attracted to the light shining through the bottles.

Journal Pages of New York

This is an illustration in the hand made journal I took with me to New York in May. As I was walking over the Brooklyn Bridge I took a photo of this skyline, and used that photo as reference for this ink and watercolor illustration.


Less is More

Oil painting over acrylic.

Last week I attended a Sedona Arts Center workshop at the National Academy of Design in New York: 'Power Painting in New York City - Lessons from The Old Masters for Our Time.' The instructor was Morton Kaish, N.A.
For one of the exercises we worked from reproductions of Old Masters' paintings. The one I worked from was 'Juan de Pareja' by Velasquez. In the first image you can see I had just painted the eye; the background was created using acrylic paint. The outline of the head has been indicated in charcoal. Then in the middle image you can see that one eye has been fully developed and the nose and mouth have been painted. I used oil paint for this. Then in the third painting the background has been developed but not finished - using acrylic. The tie around his neck has been indicated. Some of the charcoal lines have been erased. What I am left with is a painting with areas that are highly finished, against areas that are quite abstract and unfinished. As the instructor said 'Less is more'.

It starts with a book..

In my journaling workshops we start by making our own books. I have found that this is actually very important and the making of the book creates on some level the intimacy and connectedness we feel with what goes inside. There is no right and wrong way to approach journaling nor is there a skill level required for success, it is all about being engaged in a personal way.

Waiting Patiently

Oil on Canvas, (detail) NFS

A child sitting at a table, sunlight reflected up from the white tablecloth creating a soft glow under her chin, waiting for her meal to be served...perfect subject matter for not only a journal sketch, but taken one step further it works well as an oil painting.